Tuesday, February 24, 2009

To Jump or Not to Jump

16p10tblk_thumbThat is the question this spring. Quite the little gems, these "play" things are all over the run-way for this spring, and that's exactly what I'm hoping to do in them- play. Perfect to go from day to night, it's one of the chicest buys for spring this year. With layering potential and a limitless canvas for the fab belts of late, it'll take you right into fall, which is good news for any fashionista in these economic times. Perhaps even better, is the price. You can snag one of these babies for $80, available at my favorite British import, Top Shop- www.topshop.com. Yet, while this 80s inspired look holds year-round chic appeal, unfortunately, like many other 80s fads, I predict that the suit may not "suit" everyone.
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