Monday, April 6, 2009

Easy Breezy Beautiful

How we present ourselves to the world is ultimately what we say to it. Fashion is not just about the clothes that we put on our backs or the shoes that adorn our pretty polished feet. “Fashion is in the air, it is brought in by the wind, one feels it coming, breathes it in, it is in the sky and on the pavement, it depends on ideas, customs and happenings.”

So poignantly espoused by none other than Miss Coco Chanel herself, fashion is about style, artistry and how we take outside influences to shape who we are and put ourselves together. Our face, our presence, and the presentation of ourselves has as much to do with our “look” and impression as does the LBD we choose to wear to the party.

To that end, one of my new favorite products of late- one that comes highly endorsed by local celebrity make-up maven and stylist Rachel Reiman, is the newer Lash Blast Mascara by CoverGirl. The big bright orange tube could quite possibly be the best mascara on the market. I know, I was skeptical too.

Quite the discerning make-up connoisseur, I am usually more than turned off by the budget beauty aisle at the local Walgreens and am not one to be swayed by all these new fangled lash extending wands, exclusive lower lash technology, or the promise of bigger, bolder lashes. I stick with what I know works and/or have been using for years. No celebrity, no Kate Moss or Drew Barrymore, the face of the new Lash Blast advertising campaign, was going to sway the all-knowing Chanel and Dior mascara loving me!

However, after a personal consultation, make-up lesson and tips/tricks session with Rachel, who’s made up the faces of the likes of Alicia Keys, I was persuaded to try her recommendation. She expertly informed me that the quality of the mascara really has more to do with the applicator/wand and the age of the product, than does the brand name. Most mascaras, she mentioned, are made of the exactly the same ingredients, and apparently, we should also be throwing out our mascara every two weeks (due to bacteria and product life). OOps, I've held onto some of mine for almost a year... yuck!

So what makes the Lash Blast truly shine? The wand. Using a new type of never before seen plastic applicator, the wand prevents clumping, goes on super smooth and delivers on the bold lash blasting promise. The best part? The price. Available at your local Walgreens for an easy, breezy and beautiful $8.49, you can afford to replace it every two weeks like you should. Thank you Rachel!
Celebrity Make-up and Fashion Stylist Rachel Reiman: offers professional training seminars, make-up 101 classes and more. You can contact her at P: 312.961.0577 or visit
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