Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Flash Forward to Fall

Black and Gray take a back seat to this falls bedazzling JEWEL tones. Shine, shimmer and radiate royal luxury in RICH velvet, soothing suede or ruffled  layers of the finest silk.


Studs aren’t just for belts anymore. HEAVY HARDWARE has hit the scene. Channeling an Iron Maiden elegance with tough edges, we’re all zipped up in GROMMETS, Studs and smooth biker chic leather. From cuffs to killer heels it’s time to get tough and be strong


MENSWEAR has made appearances every fall, but perhaps this year it’s making an even grander arrival with tailored jackets, structured hats and shoes that feel  all together Diane Keaton in Annie Hall. Contrasting sharp shoulders and  polished power with slouchy oversize shirts and penny or tuxedo loafers- it’s more than necessary to raid your boyfriend’s closet.

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