Monday, January 31, 2011

something nice: good customer service. To keep or not to keep?

First, let me say that I heart Top Shop.  I'm not sure, however, how long this love will last given my recent purchase and customer service (or lack thereof) experience.  After spotting these fabulous shoes in Lucky, I decided that they were the perfect companion to my high waisted and wide leg jeans. Plus, really fabulous for spring. But as I alluded to earlier, my recent purchase has left a sour taste in my mouth. And, while these platform oxford patent leather shoes are fabulous, I'm just not sure I can justify keeping them with the lack of customer service and care I received. So what happened? After placing my order (over a month ago), with standard shipping, I was told to expect them to arrive within 7-10 days. Okay, I thought, I can wait for that. But after checking out, everything seemed to go south:
  • It wasn't actually clear if my order had gone through on the site, until a confirmation order was sent through to my email a day or two later
  • About 5 days later,  I received another email letting me know that my order was dispatched, but nothing about my order, or how to track it. 
  • Since I couldn't track my order from the dispatch email, I had to dig super deep into the site. And only then did I find out that my tracking number was not recognized. ugh!
  • After three weeks with no word, I tried calling customer service. They were too busy and I was told to hang up if my call was in relation to a delayed order. What are they there for then?
  • I also emailed them and never got so much as a " thank you, a service rep will be in touch"
  • I tried requesting a return, but even that was complicated, so I told my credit card company I never received them and to please take the charge off ( they did the next day!)
  • But then, over a month later, they FINALLY arrived
But, by now, I'm sort of over them. What do you think? Should I keep 'em? I honestly don't want to give TopShop the satisfaction.

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  1. Hmmmm. That's a tough one! If you have to pay to ship them back, I'd say just keep them. It may be more of a hassel dealing with the return then it is worth!

    Let's chat about S&D!!! Shoot me your contact info at So excited that you've been looking into it!

    Talk soon!

    Megan Pippin


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