Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding Review

Did I wake up early to watch all the festivities? Of course! We even had a spot of tea and bought some white roses for the smashing occasion. These two love birds put me in such a fabulous mood for the rest of day, I could hardly get enough. While this post is perhaps a little late with all the coverage out there, thought I would add a few thoughts and showcase a few of my favorite pics and moments (courtesy of of the big day.

I think William was blushing more-so than his bride! So lovely how they enjoyed each other the whole day. My two favorite moments were when he leaned over and told her she was beautiful, and when he asked if they should kiss on the balcony. Twice! Awww.

First of all, Kate was amazing. Or should I say, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge? Her Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton was an all-together modern but tasteful and divinely elegant dress, perfectly framing her graceful figure and stature. We love that she chose such an edgy and now designer and perfecting it for the traditional British Monarchy! And, can you believe that she did her own make-up? How many brides can say that? Let alone those royals. Well done Catherine. Well done.

Oh the pure fairy-taleness of it all!

And Pippa! How gorgeous was this maid of honor? So beautiful, I absolutely swooned when I saw this lovely young woman!! And weren't her and Harry so cute together??

We even loved Kate's second McQueen by Burton look. The shawl may have been a bit lovelier in fur perhaps, but lovely none-the-less.

And the "ugly stepsisters" even made an appearance. Aptly named, Eugenie and Beatrice, these two princesses take the cake for worst dressed. I mean, seriously, Beatrice's hat ( if you can even call it that) looks like a toilet bowl. I hope Wills gave them a talking to after about getting a stylist to help these poor girls. These two ladies put Vivienne Westwood and Valentino to shame... eek!


  1. evil stepsisters... haha so right on for that one.

  2. This royal wedding looks so lovely. I loved the bridal dress. Kate is looking a perfect bride. Recently attended my friend’s wedding at one of famous DC wedding venues and was astonished to see my friend looking so beautiful in her attire. Really felt happy for her.


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