Monday, August 22, 2011

beauty makeup monday: josie maran argan oil match maker foundation

Happy Monday! Continuing with our weekday series, welcome to the first beauty/makeup Monday.

Alright, we're not usually one to say this.... but we're pretty brand loyal when it comes to beauty products.  When we find something we like, we stick to it. It doesn't have to be fancy schmancy. Hell, we could spend the whole day at Walgreens. It just has to work. So when Vogue sent us this new fangled foundation to try, well, we were skeptical.  I mean what beats MAC face and body?!

However, with a smell like freshly pressed apple juice, and perfect skin matching magical technology,we have to say we were quite surprised at how lovely Josie Maran's Argan Oil Matchmaker foundation really is.

When you open the bottle, the foundation appears and comes out white... and smells incredibly delicious

Sponges, that's the way to go ladies. Once you've gone with the sponge, you never go back (yet, again another Walgreens shout out- you can find the best one's there). 

See, the foundation is still white, and super thick, but, once you smooth it on your skin, it soaks it up like the most glorious lotion, and changes like a magical, mystical chameleon to match your exact skin tone. I tested it on my hand here. Perfection! (  Well, except for my "Man Hand" below). So awesome for summer with all the sun kissed weekend bronzing going on. It's a spot on match even after a little sun tan.


  1. I am on a mission to find the best beauty products out there. So far my favorite is Zakias Morocco because they are all natural and for the environment and stuff. You guys got anything better??

  2. Hi Hara, thanks for visiting! ZM has got some great stuff. As far as all natural stuff goes, we're big into Aveda. Yes, it's one of our go to's, especially the eye-liner.


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