Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Mixing Prints

Since prints are everywhere this summer season, we thought we'd highlight a question from one of our recent clients, Alaina.

Q: How do I mix prints into my outfits?
I have been dying to try mixing prints in my outfits to add a bit of casual coolness to them, but I don't even know where to begin! –Alaina, 20

A: Hi Alaina. Good question! Prints are hot right now - you can find everything from chevron, to floral, ikat, and tribal in pieces running the gamut from shoes to headbands and even pants! It's no wonder you're not sure where to start. Since you don't have a lot of printed pieces in your wardrobe, I'd suggest picking up a few key pieces to accessorize with to add a bit of pizzaz to a basic neutral outfit.

Cinch and amp up a basic shirt dress with this fabulous belt from asos. Every gal should have at least one leopard print in their closet.

Or give your outfit a fun pop of color with these fun "idiom" printed bangles from Kate Spade. We love the inspirational phrases that are written on the underside of each bangle.

Lastly, a cute clutch can also work to add a bit of panache and fun to even the most basic of looks. This chevron print is super hot right now.

Get a Handle on your Handbags with Sunny Shum! | Coquitlam Centre
At the end of the day, it's all about having fun, so mix up and mix in what you're drawn to and feel good about. Then rock it!

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