Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wardrobe wednesday: the wedge

We can't believe that we use to be against wedges... shh.. pretend we didn't say that. Because, yes, they are fabulous, and every well-heeled gal should have at least one lovely wedge within her closet. Why? Hello! Granting you mile high gams without the teetering (or, ahem, *pain*) of a heel, you'll be walking tall for hours. Which, is why we are so excited about Rachel Bilson's newly "minted" Shoemint collection, including not one, not two, but four fabulous wedges!

Similar to Jewelmint ( don't forget about our birdcage bangle giveaway), Rachel has partnered with stylist Nicole Chavez and none other than master of shoe construction himself, Steve Madden. I think most of the launch line is sold out, but each month boasts newly released and yummy styles. Can't wait to see what's in store.

In need of a little bootie ( yes, that's "ie" and not "y"- we can discuss that later), we snagged up "the Jolly" in a neutral suede. 

We figured this would serve as a versatile walking piece for our Caribbean excursion later this year. A versatile color and shape for seasons to come, we'd look at styling this with some cuffed color, the essential white layering tank and a neutral striped sweater. For instant chic, add this cozy colorful scarf and you're out the door. If you can pull it off, we'd suggest a casual top knot like this one from Perpetually Chic's weekend notes.

Wedge Wednesday

James Perse white tank
$58 -

Minuet Petite stripe sweater
£58 -

Hollister Co. skinny fit jeans
$60 -

Ganni wool shawl
€94 -

Once they arrive, we'll be sure to show you how we rock them. What do you guys think? Any other Shoeminter's out there?

Thursday, November 24, 2011

thankful thursday

We hope everyone is doing well on this thankful day of feasting with the family. We're spending the long weekend up north, away from home. Thankful that we're not cooking, we packed up the car to prepare for tucking into fabulous food, christmas cookie making, and perhaps some black Friday shopping extravaganza.

While running around, we figured it was a classic jeans and t-shirt type of moment. And decided on a cherry red for mani/pedi


Packing essentials: cozy wraps, chic belts and functional ( yet fashionable) shopping footwear

Preparing for the feast!

A little sweet treat before digging in!

Assuming the position (pretending to watch the big game) with classic reading material

More photo's of the feast and shopping scores to come!

Gobble Gobble and don't forget about our JewelMint giveaway!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tuesday trendsday: the smoking slipper

Say what? Move over ballet, because a new flat is in town. That's right, channeling the manly pastime of donning robes, a cigar in one hand and a glass of brandy in the other, enter the smoking slipper. Alas, we have yet to snag a fabulous pair. And, while these leopard loafer's will do for now, we can't get enough of this Hugh like chic style. Kate Moss, of course, pulls it off effortlessly.

Kate in these velvet foot friends from TopShop

Another lovely from TopShop (in cobalt no less.)

And, what's a post on shoes without some yummy velvet and metal Louboutin's?
And, aptly styled at that.

Sam Edelman dazzles us with studs

Spotted, these darling JCREW Darby's

More studs from DV by Dolce Vita at asos

Who else but Jimmy Choo? White sparkles with these glittery footsies.

Steve Madden, quite the Chauffeur indeed! ( We just love the tassel!) 

Another tasseled pair from American Apparel.

Cross your fingers and we'll be tucking into these just after a large slice of pumpkin pie later this week...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

simple style sunday: crushing on cobalt

There's something altogether luxurious and simply elegant about cobalt. Donning this hue, we officially feel more polished and put together, and we'd recommend adding it to any holiday ensemble. While our bank account isn't loving much at the moment, a girl can dream can't she? A few select pieces and suggested hues with which to pair. Reminds us that we do in-fact have a pair similar to these Philip Lim's.

Cobalt Crush

Theyskens theory blouse
$285 -

3.1 Phillip Lim elastic waist pants
$350 -

Jil Sander lace up wedge boots
$645 -

Herm├Ęs navy handbag

Oversized jewelry
$43 -

OPI Road House Blues Nail Lacquer Health & Beauty |
£11 -

And, don't forget about our JewelMint giveaway; this Bird Cage Bangle would rock any blue hue look. What are you guys crushing on?

Thursday, November 17, 2011

thrifty thursday: JewelMint Giveaway

Hi lovlies. For our first thrifty Thursday, we're giving away this fabulous 70s inspired,  24K plated, bangle from JewelMint. This is one of our favorite pieces from the brand - who makes awesome stuff. The Bird Cage bangle compliments any arm party, and as Kate & Cher would say: "adds an element of 70s chic to any outfit." Great with a simple black dress! We love!

To win, here's what you have to do:

  1. Follow some-thing-nice on bloglovin or through Google on the bottom right nav
  2. Like us on Facebook
  3. Then, post a comment below telling me how you'd style this lovely bangle, or how it would compliment your arm party!

Winners will be picked at random on December 1st!

Happy Bangle- ing!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

wardrobe wednesday: the brassiere

People often ask us what the most important item in a "nice" closet is? While there are key basics to every fabulous wardrobe, it is the foundation, our building blocks, that can completely transform and serve as the canvas for our entire look.

Surprisingly it's one of the most missed.

What are we taking about?

The brassiere.
The bra.
The over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder.

Don't believe me? TIME recently reported that between 70% to 85% of women are shoving the gals into too-small cups or allowing them to float freely in a draping sling. We-thinks neither of those is such a pretty sight.

Wearing a well-made and the right sized lacy bodice can make us look 10, even 20 pounds lighter ( I can attest, for someone who is quite, well, shall we say.. well endowed?) ( If you're DD and over, you'll appreciate this).

Transforming your basic T, you'll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe. Because you actually will. Go for a fitting (and not at Victoria's Secret either). You'll feel like a whole new person. May we suggest a high-end department or lingerie specialty store. It seems like a lot for just a silly bra, but we're begging you, it's the best time/money investment you'll ever make.

Once you know your "actual" size- not just what your mother or sister told you when you were 12 (okay maybe not all of us started wearing a bra at 12, like us.. ugh), invest in 1-2 (our favorites include Chantelle, Wacoal, Calvin Klein) and then scour the Marshall's, The TJ Maxx's and the Loehman's of the world for the rest. Your wardrobe, gals and the rest of the population will thank you.

Get: The right sized, perfect fitting bra

Do: Wash and care for it properly

Wash them: After 3 to 4 wears.

They can withstand a few wearings, unlike most of our shirts. However, give them a 24-hour break between wears so the elastic can recover. Try a rotation system: Line them up in a drawer. (In the a.m., take a bra from the front, then send it to the back of the line in the p.m.)

How: Use a gentle detergent, like Dreft and put it in one of these fabulous bra bags from Tide. What, did you think we'd suggest "hand-washing?" We're not that crazy!

Monday, November 14, 2011

lusting for leather

There's something about the aroma of leather that's simply intoxicating. Old, new, what-have-you, leather is all kinds of nice. After a stop in to Cecil's shoe and leather repair to spruce up our vintage Coach find (transformation to come), we thought it appropriate to luxuriate in it's buttery softness before it has to get all covered up with snow approaching. Below, a few (well, okay many) of the materials most lust worthy pieces.  Did we mention we have a thing for camel?

Dress from H & M ( sadly, we think it's sold out... we'll try eBay perhaps)

Gorgeous look from Akris

We need these booties from Elizabeth & James

Brunello Cucinelli- can you send us this entire look? kthanxbai

Lanvin is just as nice

We wouldn't mind playing the sophisticate with this Luisaviaroma

Rachel Zoe surprises us with this blazer. In fact, we're quite enamored with this whole look.

 Reed, ( not that we're on a first name basis or anything but..) you make a mean wedge.

 Anything Chloe' and our heart beats that much faster. Can we say, yum? Sadly, our bank account is saying something completely to the contrary. 

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