Thursday, November 24, 2011

thankful thursday

We hope everyone is doing well on this thankful day of feasting with the family. We're spending the long weekend up north, away from home. Thankful that we're not cooking, we packed up the car to prepare for tucking into fabulous food, christmas cookie making, and perhaps some black Friday shopping extravaganza.

While running around, we figured it was a classic jeans and t-shirt type of moment. And decided on a cherry red for mani/pedi


Packing essentials: cozy wraps, chic belts and functional ( yet fashionable) shopping footwear

Preparing for the feast!

A little sweet treat before digging in!

Assuming the position (pretending to watch the big game) with classic reading material

More photo's of the feast and shopping scores to come!

Gobble Gobble and don't forget about our JewelMint giveaway!


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