Wednesday, November 30, 2011

wardrobe wednesday: the wedge

We can't believe that we use to be against wedges... shh.. pretend we didn't say that. Because, yes, they are fabulous, and every well-heeled gal should have at least one lovely wedge within her closet. Why? Hello! Granting you mile high gams without the teetering (or, ahem, *pain*) of a heel, you'll be walking tall for hours. Which, is why we are so excited about Rachel Bilson's newly "minted" Shoemint collection, including not one, not two, but four fabulous wedges!

Similar to Jewelmint ( don't forget about our birdcage bangle giveaway), Rachel has partnered with stylist Nicole Chavez and none other than master of shoe construction himself, Steve Madden. I think most of the launch line is sold out, but each month boasts newly released and yummy styles. Can't wait to see what's in store.

In need of a little bootie ( yes, that's "ie" and not "y"- we can discuss that later), we snagged up "the Jolly" in a neutral suede. 

We figured this would serve as a versatile walking piece for our Caribbean excursion later this year. A versatile color and shape for seasons to come, we'd look at styling this with some cuffed color, the essential white layering tank and a neutral striped sweater. For instant chic, add this cozy colorful scarf and you're out the door. If you can pull it off, we'd suggest a casual top knot like this one from Perpetually Chic's weekend notes.

Wedge Wednesday

James Perse white tank
$58 -

Minuet Petite stripe sweater
£58 -

Hollister Co. skinny fit jeans
$60 -

Ganni wool shawl
€94 -

Once they arrive, we'll be sure to show you how we rock them. What do you guys think? Any other Shoeminter's out there?


  1. I LOVE wedges! My boyfriend, however, not so much. He almost hates them with a passion. He says they are ugly. lol Me - I wear them anyway, and half the time, he doesn't notice.

  2. Love the Wedge boots! So cool and comfortable! Olya @modafile xo


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