Monday, December 5, 2011

beauty make-up monday: the brush

We are often asked about investments of the personal persuasion. You know, investments in, say, yourself? And, our philosophy is that quality trumps quantity. When it comes to make-up, we'll be the first to espouse the praise of the brush and would suggest putting your dollars here, say, over mascara for example. It's what you put your face on with for pete's sake (sort of like what we were talking about when we discussed the importance of the right fitting brassiere. Okay, maybe not AS important, but still). We've also had a bit of a conundrum with how to functionally display our tools for easy use, and invite you to check out our *nice* solve below.

Invest in a great brush (ahem, check out MAC if you're concerned about the quality), and it'll last you for years to come if you take care of it.  We've often been intimidated by the ladies in black with often times outlandish lips, but if you know your brushes, they'll be quick to back down from all that sales mumbo jumbo.

What: Invest in a great brush. May we suggest the #116  from MAC (blush brush) -  a great first brush to begin your collection.

Care: Be sure to tap out excess product and wash out with a gentle oil removing substance... like DAWN ( you really don't need any fancy, schmancy cleaners... ). Squirt a little in a small dish ( or even the palm of your hand), wet your brush, swirl in the liquid detergent, rinse and then tap to dry. We suggest doing this in the morning after you've applied so that it has the entire day to dry. How often? Every 1-2 weeks.

Do: Display in an easily accessible and functional manner ( and beautifully of course). We love how Sephora displays their endless rows of brushes and came up with a similarly cheap, but lovely way to achieve the same effect. Check out our before and after.

Before- a messy jumble of brushes

After, displayed with a touch of *nice* and easily identifiable/accessible! 

This slight, but well worth it transformation cost $3. I used an old vase from the gift of birthday flowers from my dad, and purchased the pebbles ( which luckily went with our color scheme) below at Walmart for $3.  

Any other great brush tips for the beauty obsessed? 

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  1. A great DIY brush display that I plan to make (and blog about when I do) from InStyle magazine: a piece of craft wood with holes drilled in it to hold brushes (can't find a picture...)


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