Sunday, January 1, 2012

12 for 2012 - Happy New Year!

A new year brings with it an entirely new set of possibilities. Or so it seems. We are excited, and optimistic about what the new year ahead brings.  For one lucky lady, Sarah, of Flourish Design and Style, she'll be starting it off with a yummy new Brahmin satchel! Congrats!

On another note, we do not make resolutions, but instead are committing to paper, or rather the intranets, 12 for 2012. We'll be expanding more on these as the year unfolds. Here's to creating, loving, learning and feeling fabulous this year!

1. Commit to quality over quantity, especially in all matters of our closets... more on closet rehab to come!
2. Find inspiration in the everyday 
3. Read something uplifting, thought provoking, worth discussing, daily. Get lost in a book
4. Begin each day with gratitude. Create the day. We are what we think
5. Take the time to capture things that move us. In picture, word or otherwise
6. Get to know our local community more intimately, continue to cultivate and grow the relationships we currently are so lucky to have
7. Begin writing a book
8. Write, post and continue to build Something Nice. We officially emerged on this platform almost one year ago, and it's connected to us to people and places we never would have imagined
9. Learn to accept that someone, somewhere is going to be better, smarter, etc. Life is not a race, but everyday we can get a little farther and a little better than where we were yesterday
10. Appreciate the people in our lives with random acts of kindness
11. Increase our client base and presence
12. Don't sweat the small stuff! 

Here's to a fabulous year ahead.... what are you looking forward to?

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