Monday, January 9, 2012

beauty make-up monday: fresh

It's out with the old and in with the new for 2012. New workspace, new clients, new perspective.. you get the gist. There's just something nice about fresh new make-up. Be ruthless. Clean up and clean out. Anything that looks old, crusty, or you just plain don't use anymore, chuck it in the rubbish bin. Besides, there's probably lots of nasty microbial stuff that you don't even want to think about.... let's not bring that along with our new and better selves for the year, shall we? It's time to start fresh. Invest in clean staples. Ahem: blush, foundation, a great eye pencil and mascara. And, don't forget a good cleanser.

NARS had us at their packaging. And the product delivers. If you're unsure of your color, and don't want to ask... we'll let you in on a little secret; "Orgasm" looks great on everyone. Well, perhaps that's not so secret....

Anyway, with a fresh new eye pencil (Aveda is our fave, especially in Orchid) we're ready to take on the day.... apologies if it looks like I'm about to stab my eye. 

Not only are we talking a fresh face, we're talking fresh locks as well. We're changing up the routine, and recently experienced an Awaphui Wild Ginger Keretriplex treatment to reduce breakage and improve shine and color. Now, while we can't attest to the claims as of yet.... the smell is AMAZING. And, we know that anything ginger is beyond fabulous, not to mention full of health benefits, right?  For those unware, Awaphui is a native Hawaiian flowering plant. The flower heads produce a sweet juice which is a natural shining and softening agent. Now if only we we're bathing in a waterfall... ahhh.

 We're not one for Groupon, but out with the old, and with the new... yadda, yadda. And we picked up at home treatments as well. 

With newly trimmed tresses, we're thinking new specs are also in order... no? We'll enlist your help in selecting our new Warby's in the few weeks.

Here's to a new fresh and fabulous you in the new year!

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