Friday, January 27, 2012

friday favs

Friday is our favorite day of the week. Winding down from the past five days of work, there's an optimism that begins the day, quickly turning into excited anticipation for what's to come this weekend. While we haven't any solid plans for the weekend (yet), we wanted to share two fav finds for the day.

The first is an amazing little home decor item.... a brass sea urchin to be exact. Can't wait to pick one of these little guys up. Furbish Studio has all kinds of nice... perfect for anyone looking to amp up their home decor.

Here's a pic of of the little guy in action.

And, what's a post on faves, without a mention of a good shoe? That's right. On the heels of our obsession of all things mint, we spotted these totally awesome (and totally out of our price-range) YSL's. Lovely, yes?

Happy Friday, and let the weekend begin!


  1. absolutely gorgeous!

  2. haha you're right, shoes is never not a favorite. i love this minty pair!


  3. I really want one of those brass urchins for our den. Must put it on the wishlist!

  4. The heels are so pretty <3

  5. Every time is better visit your blog.

    1. Thanks Clara! Loving your latest outfits!


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