Tuesday, January 31, 2012

tuesday trendsday: fashionable flats

So, if you haven't noticed by now, we have a thing for flats. While this is a more recent obsession ( read: we are still a high-heeled gal), there is no shortage of fabulous finds in this particular genre of footwear at the moment. We're especially fond of the following for this coming spring ( and hey, they're pretty friendly on the wallet, wouldn't you say?) :
  1. This chic little color blocked number is rocking all the right hues. The Hattie by Shoemint is the brands "preview" shoe for Feb and we think it's just lovely. Wouldn't you agree? For $79.99 ( or one credit) it's a little pricier, but we love it just the same.
  2. We already posted about this fabulous find last week, but Target has this great smoking slipper in at least a couple of shades for a mere $20. Vilda, we love you; we want you.  
  3. Pinterest led us to this amazing ASOS Penny Loafer ( If you're not on the big P, you're missing out!) and hello it's in mint! Need we say more? Oh yes, the price: $68.
  4. And, last, but certainly not least... it could be our favorite, although we hate to play favorites, is the Isabela Toledo for Payless. For $44.99, this Marina flat is perfect for the days of sun ahead! 
What's on your spring shoe wish list?


  1. I want them all!! Especially the mint ASOS ones.
    Loving your blog :)

  2. flats will always have a place in my shoe rack, a big one. i love flats almost as much as i love heels!


  3. I love the multi-colored pair! Want those.

  4. So pretty! I am totally in love with smoking slippers, driving shoes, and ballet flats! I especially like the penny loafers you picked! It's great to finally have cute options that don't involve high heels :)

  5. I want those ASOS mint shoes so badly too! I did a post on them as well. Could they be more spring appropriate. :)



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