Tuesday, January 24, 2012

tuesday trendsday: neon & neutral

Remember when everyone's favorite color was "hot," as in hot pink, or hot yellow? No? Maybe we were weird ( and still are), however while some form of "hot" is always in, neon is back in a big way! Regardless of your budget, there's room for everyone to turn up the temp. Whether it's via a few choice accessories, or you're up for going bold with a pair of hot yellow pants, neon is here to stay ( at least for a little while)! Not only are the shades  rockin, but "neon" is just a cool word, no? (Say it five times fast and it will be).

Do: heat up your basics with a little neon pop.

Don't: attempt turning the dial so far that you're competing with the sun. May we suggest pairing a few key neon pieces with some cooler neutral shades for an overall balancing effect. If you're less daring, a peek of a little hot pink sock can go a long way. :)


Rag & bone cotton pants
$187 - shoplesnouvelles.com

Neon skirt
$27 - nastygal.com

Neon socks
$9.99 - tillys.com

Brian Atwood patent leather pumps
£425 - net-a-porter.com

Clear bag
$155 - modcloth.com

ASOS orange jewelry
$36 - asos.com

Old Navy chain jewelry
$15 - oldnavy.gap.com

Neon Nail Polish
$6 - americanapparel.net

Monsoon 8 x Thick Neon Pony
£2.50 - monsoon.co.uk

Personally, we're a not as daring as to don a pair of sunny bright pants; we'd be more apt to pick up that delicious orange watch or the skirt. While we swoon over BA, that's just too much to pay for a yellow shoe, no?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I'm not bold enough to be able to go all out neon, but I love the idea of a neon pony tail holder! Any idea on where to find something similar stateside?

    1. I know Goody makes some, but probably not as cool as this. I'd also check out Claire's and perhaps Old Navy.... :)

  2. Love this trend. I want that bag! I am following you. Kisses <3<3

  3. Love your advice - I once competed with the sun on a number of occasions. I've since learnt that it only ends in failure :) xx

    Ahka Vintage SHOP
    Ahka Vintage BLOG

  4. I absolutely adore the neon trend that is popping up everywhere, its just so fun and makes me happy!



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