Monday, February 27, 2012

we heart the movies

They move us to tears, they bring us to gut busting laughter, and they allow us an escape from reality while at the same time teaching us so much about life. While we admit we haven't had the opportunity to indulge in many of the best picture nominee's ( with knee surgery in our future, we foresee plenty of days on the couch ahead), we did indulge in all of the glamour of last nights affair. And, oh what a glamourous night it was.

With old Hollywood elegance in full force last night, there are several ladies, who we would have considered best dressed. Understated hair, gowns and color were the winners of the evening, and we were hard pressed to find one that missed ( but of course we did... heh heh). Here are a few of the looks we swooned over.

While the leg is a little much for us, this gown was elegant and simple, but with just the right amount of va va voom and an interesting shape for the red carpet. Loved this look, but she is perhaps just a little too thin.... the camera adds 10 lbs, right? 

Rooney Mara. God, is she the picture of perfection or what? You'd never know that this was one Lisbeth Salander. What does this woman do to have this kind of skin? 

and now the front. Love.

Miss Gywneth rarely misses ( um does she ever?). Radiating pure elegance in this white number with understated hair and one statement cuff, this elegant simplicity stood out. Very hard to wear white without saying, wedding.

We didn't see much of Miss Jones, but we think this look is daring, yet fabulous all at the same time!

And, finally, one miss. 

Oh, Tina. We love you, and we tend to love peplums. But this look is just all wrong. It feels very pregnant-ish to us.. no? Is she? hmmm. For some reason, we don't think this is the sentiment she'd be looking for.

One of the best award shows in a long time... happy 84th, Mr. Oscar. Here's to a great 85th. Hoping that Billy will host again! Who are some of your faves?

( All images via People Style Watch)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

red in heavy rotation?

Yesterday, we received a fabulous surprise in the mail. A vintage Vogue calendar. Taking cue from  "March" we talk red.

We have a pair of fabulous red pants. That are, indeed, one of our most comfortable and stretchy pieces in our wardrobe, which recently underwent very heavy scrutiny ( more on closet make-over to come). Yet, it has become challenging to keep them in heavy rotation. Just what does one wear with red pants? Leopard (of course! ) comes to mind, as well as balancing out with a a few key neutrals. Enter, black and white. And, we wouldn't leave the house with out our signature scarf.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

London Calling, LFW 2012

It's been a good 7 years since we called Londontown "home,"and oh how we miss it so. Especially the street style. So amazing, so inspiring. It's here that we really began to refine our sense of style and what it meant to get dressed in the morning. So, in homage to our former flat near Earls Court and Kings Road, we bring you our favorite fashion week highlights from streets across the pond ( for style and fashion really begin there anyway).

We need a minty green skirt. And, a Chanel clutch wouldn't be bad either. Great pairing of this tough metal with sweet pleats.

More of the minty shade we're loving right now.

You know when you see a pair of shoes, and just want to reach out and touch them. Yes, can we please? 

Mustard pants and a red lip. Completely energizing.

Lot's of fur happening these days. We're digging how she still manages to look like a pixie pencil underneath that big billowing neck. Great color combination happening here.

A classic pairing of camel with a pop of red. This two toned blaze is so smart.

Wish we could pull off a Maxi like this in the winter. Loving this poppy shade.

Polka dots and camel. Need we say more?

While mint is our color of the moment. Rusty orange may be our go to color for fall. This palette is lovely.

Yes, I'll take one in blue.  Thank you.

This whole look just brightens our day. Lovely robin egg blue and shades of pink & berry... yum.

Yes, more fur. But look at those shoes!

Ahem, yes, please!

Not sure if we'd have enough places to don these for them to be worth the price per wear, but hello lover!

Fur and Celine'

More pretty pastels

Really liking this blue biker jacket

Can someone give us this minty green Acne sweater already? 

Seriously. Is this really what you're wearing on the streets of London, in the rain?

Fur to the max, but with an amazing structured bag

Love these polka dot pants!

This color combo makes us swoon. Look at those gold platforms! 

More Celine' and loving those pants

This must be her blue period

Spotted, another Celine' tote. #shocked

Okay, enough with this mint sweater. We need this already!

But, of course, there are many things about the Brits that we won't understand. Like this "Haute Pajama" look for example. Really?

(All images from Vogue and Marie Claire)

What sorts of styles have you spotted lately?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

the little things

We apologize that we've been a little MIA this week. A small case of the sniffles struck, and unfortunately our newest accessories turned out to be crutches and a knee brace .... no heels for this gal for a while :(

At the same time, we were able to delight in the little things ( read: a little light reading, Boots original bergamot face cream, our new watch from Shopbop and a swipe of a classic red polish)  And, our love day flowers are still in a lovely bloom!! Hope you all had a great weekend.

We're hoping to be a bit better this week, both editorially and health-wise. Here's to a fabulous and fashionable week ahead!

Monday, February 13, 2012

We heart you...

vintage Chanel, and your pink salmon color puts us in exactly the right frame of mind for cupid's arrow. We opted to paint our nails a juicy pop of classic, glamorous red and adorn ourselves with really the only pink we have, to get us in the mood for tomorrow's day of love (plus pick up some cupcakes, of course!)

We have a little celebration planned, but we tend not to make a huge day out of Feb 14th. Each day is a day to show someone you love, how much you care, yeah? We do think, however, that it is a good excuse to eat a lot of chocolate...

We decided to pair them with a shade of our favorite color of the moment, green. 

And, we're loving the slimming effect of these high waisted friends ( especially when chocolate is on the menu)

Hope you all have a very happy love day tomorrow! And you indulge in some chocolate! Yum!

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