Thursday, February 23, 2012

red in heavy rotation?

Yesterday, we received a fabulous surprise in the mail. A vintage Vogue calendar. Taking cue from  "March" we talk red.

We have a pair of fabulous red pants. That are, indeed, one of our most comfortable and stretchy pieces in our wardrobe, which recently underwent very heavy scrutiny ( more on closet make-over to come). Yet, it has become challenging to keep them in heavy rotation. Just what does one wear with red pants? Leopard (of course! ) comes to mind, as well as balancing out with a a few key neutrals. Enter, black and white. And, we wouldn't leave the house with out our signature scarf.


  1. Hot pink or fuchsia! Daring for sure, but I think it's such a fab color to pair with red :)

    Where is the Vogue calendar from? I have vintage French Vogue postcards, and this looks like a great addition :)


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