Monday, February 27, 2012

we heart the movies

They move us to tears, they bring us to gut busting laughter, and they allow us an escape from reality while at the same time teaching us so much about life. While we admit we haven't had the opportunity to indulge in many of the best picture nominee's ( with knee surgery in our future, we foresee plenty of days on the couch ahead), we did indulge in all of the glamour of last nights affair. And, oh what a glamourous night it was.

With old Hollywood elegance in full force last night, there are several ladies, who we would have considered best dressed. Understated hair, gowns and color were the winners of the evening, and we were hard pressed to find one that missed ( but of course we did... heh heh). Here are a few of the looks we swooned over.

While the leg is a little much for us, this gown was elegant and simple, but with just the right amount of va va voom and an interesting shape for the red carpet. Loved this look, but she is perhaps just a little too thin.... the camera adds 10 lbs, right? 

Rooney Mara. God, is she the picture of perfection or what? You'd never know that this was one Lisbeth Salander. What does this woman do to have this kind of skin? 

and now the front. Love.

Miss Gywneth rarely misses ( um does she ever?). Radiating pure elegance in this white number with understated hair and one statement cuff, this elegant simplicity stood out. Very hard to wear white without saying, wedding.

We didn't see much of Miss Jones, but we think this look is daring, yet fabulous all at the same time!

And, finally, one miss. 

Oh, Tina. We love you, and we tend to love peplums. But this look is just all wrong. It feels very pregnant-ish to us.. no? Is she? hmmm. For some reason, we don't think this is the sentiment she'd be looking for.

One of the best award shows in a long time... happy 84th, Mr. Oscar. Here's to a great 85th. Hoping that Billy will host again! Who are some of your faves?

( All images via People Style Watch)

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