Wednesday, February 8, 2012

wednesday work it: minimalist

Sometimes our arms just don't want to party, and hey, we think it's a good thing to give them a break  (read: no bangles, man watches, etc) every once- and- awhile, yeah? So, today, we went minimal (except for maybe our shoes. Any excuse to work leopard into our look and we will).

Wear: Neutral brown silk, black and a pop of leopard. 

This is sort of a "What the hell did you just say to me, Bitch?!" type of look, which we don't understand why, because we can't remember the last time we uttered this inner dialogue.... if looks could kill. 

and a shot of the shoes again, because, we think they're so fun.

p.s. Our new Warby Webb's came and we're loving them!

Happy hump day!


  1. Haha, you're funny and I love your glasses!

  2. Love the shoes- where are they from? Great look!

    1. They're from Zara... I got them probably over a year ago, but just really started wearing them a lot recently!

  3. Love the shoes, love the overall look! And the angry stare, lol. You look cute. I love minimalist, and the leopard is just the right interesting touch.

  4. LOVE those loafers... they're awesome :)

  5. Great leopard loafers! I need some of these for work.


  6. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit. The shoes are perfect, as are the glasses. What a great pairing of items! Well done :)


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