Sunday, February 5, 2012

weekend wanderlust

This weekend was spent lounging in the winter sun, breathing fresh mountain air and taking in some ski stunt events at a resort not too far from our home. Unloading our bangles from Friday's day at the office, we took a load off outside the chalet - complete with Kahlua hot cocoa, shades and longing for a good week on the slopes out West!

arm party disassembled

yay for shades

Winter sun from outside the chalet

quite the sweet, but yummy treat

Upon our arrival home, we started operation closet. While we're great at helping other's edit, refine and organize, we're not so steadfast ourselves when it comes to our overflowing wardrobe. We're putting  conscious effort into curating a closet full of what we LOVE, not just of what we like...

The beginning of our pledge to get rid of all damaging plastic and metal hangers.  More to come on hangers and hanging in general... 

Finding a way to display all of our crazy neck pieces*... 

All necklaces are Stella & Dot ( save the top, which is the JewelMint Astoria)

Hope your weekend was relaxing, happy and fashionable (of course!)


  1. Oh, I love your stack of necklaces! I am searching for a great way to store/display my jewelry... AND, I can't wait to read up on hangers- our closet is in distress!

  2. I like the shades. Cool the place for your necklaces!

    - Laura

  3. love the necklaces



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