Sunday, March 18, 2012

a little weekend diy

If you're like us, you read magazines like you're studying for an upcoming exam: ripping out pages, dog earring them, sometimes even highlighting or underlining. To help us control our magazine mayhem and keep our precious pages with great ideas organized, we were on the hunt for something... what exactly, was yet to be determined.

But, leave it to a trip to Marshall's to help us spot something great. We picked up this funny colored looking rack for $20

and then spray painted it to lend itself better to our decor. The original color wasn't too bad, but it didn't quite go with the rest of the room. I'm thinking it could look really nice in white as well.

What do you think? We decided it went really nicely up against the wall in the corner of our room, kitty corner and behind a couple of our couches and end table. It may work fabulously on a wall of another room when we get the itch to move things around again.

Standing over this rack with a can of spray paint was literally the extent of our activity this weekend. Knee is still trying to heal itself up ( although, we did get a lot of studying magazine reading done!)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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