Monday, April 9, 2012

beauty make-up monday: iris and moisture

No look is complete without a little spritz of something nice on the way out the door. It's your signature, a reflection of your mood. We never feel completely ready, or at our best with out a little something behind the ear. We're currently loving Prada's newest Iris scent (behind miss Chanel No. 5, below). We sort of have a thing for fragrance and  pretty bottles. Can you tell?

And while the weather may tease us with getting nicer, our skin is still feeling a bit dry. Enter one of our new favorite products, Clinique Moisture Surge Intense. A little dab'll do ya in the evening and will still leave your skin feeling plump in the am. It also seems to work as a great make-up primer for your foundation etc. And, you can't go wrong with this pretty pastel pink jar, now can you?

Any favorite products you're loving for spring?

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