Friday, May 4, 2012

spring showers

With all the wet weather we've been having, we thought it appropriate to put together our must spring showers shortlist:

Footwear: The wellington. You can't go wrong with the Original Hunter. We recommend either navy or forrest green for the most classic approach. These are also great for yard work, or stopping around in puddles ( since we do that so often). We also like the interesting twist, these more modern one's take. From across the pond, these rubber rain boots will last forever. A definite do.

Outerwear: The trench. A classic staple in any stylish gals closet, this is a piece to invest in. Transcending seasons, trends and outfits, this lovely belted friend will not only keep you dry, but keep you looking chic and pulled together at the same time. Go on a mission to find one at your local thrift or re-sale shop. See TJ Maxx and Marshall's as well for some GREAT finds on a dime ( well not literally a dime... you know what I mean).

Accessories: a sturdy umbrella. Fashionable, yet wimpy won't get you far. With Windy City experience, we know that the brand/make actually does make a difference. Choose one one with classic appearance, and you can't go wrong. We like this one from American Apparel. Better yet, ask your grandmother or great aunty.... you can bet they have one (or two) that have stood the test of time!

Here's to rainy bad hair days, and more sunny warm ones!

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