Monday, June 25, 2012

sanskrit for beautiful

Ranked as one of the 10 Best Boutique Hotel Spas in the World by SpaFinder last year, Sundara is  The. Best. Spa. Ever. Not that we're the connoisseurs of the spa experience by any means, but it doesn't get much better than the likes of this wondrous space in the middle of fresh and fragrant pines.

Echoing the lofty and all too familiar promise of "where you can truly be yourself," Sundara actually delivers. With no cell phones, no smoking (thank god) anywhere within in it's wilderness boarders, a too soft for words robe, and fresh water, snacks and tea, you seriously could spend the whole day there.... and you can. Just in for a quick pedi? No worry, you can lounge at the infinity pool or indulge in the purifying bath ritual all day. The whole spa is under some magical aromatherapy. Even the towels smell nice. How do we know? After a little retail therapy we headed out for a day, complete with one lavender and citrus hot stone massage.

Did we mention it's adult only, the chef has his own garden on the premises, and all the spa ingredients are indigenous to the area? The perfect way to start the week if we don't say so ourselves. If you live anywhere in the midwest, you've got to check it out. Wish I had more pictures inside, but here, people actually power down!

How was your Monday?


Monday, June 18, 2012

color crash + Brahmin winner

We realize we haven't done much of late classified as falling into the attire category. Which, for being a wardrobe consultant and all, sort of = fail. Yes?

That said, a pairing of one of our favorite color combos of the moment: Navy + Green and Orange,  complete with statement necklace.

Oh, and we almost forgot, our Brahmin giveaway winner! Congrats to Chloe @LikeLoveStyle. Good luck on your job interview. Or,  if you've already snagged it, you'll be that much more stylish! Can't wait to hear how you like it!

Monday, June 11, 2012

happy 6 years!

We celebrated six years of wedded bliss this weekend up at the north shore and completely recharged with nature, good spirits, local eats and a bit of exploring. A few snapshots from our little weekend get-a-way.

First things first. Attire. We packed cozy knits, bright whites, and stripes for a classic nautical, let's go sailing ( too bad we don't know how) feeling

Upon our arrival, two Adirondack chairs welcomed us with a serene scene. You can see the hubby in the second picture below

Quite possibly the best. meal. ever. I can't even describe the goodness of this grilled cheese. It was just way beyond. And, the local hard cider was the perfect finish!

Breakfast found us wandering around the corner to this little "Good Eggs" bungalow, where we ate on surfboards. Yes, food is important.

Cute cottage-esque lodging became our home away, run by a band of sweet old ladies

Not surprisingly, their gardens were pristine

Alas, we were not granted the pleasure of sailing. However, we did take a boat out for island and lighthouse exploration

Ah the sweetness that is summer. Local pickings.

To top it off, we were treated to some rather magical sunsets

And finally, "love feet" in the sand ( hmm, feet are sort of ugly, aren't they?) 

We can't wait to go back! And, don't forget about our Brahmin give-a-way, you've got til the end of the week!

Monday, June 4, 2012

weekend indulgence

While we took extra care with our wardrobe this weekend ( read: 5 + loads of laundry and two trips to the dry cleaners), we took much time to indulge as well.  Donning our new boating hat, we tucked into eats like only summer can yield and soaked up a few rays.

As always, back to the grind on Monday.... which reminds us that you still have time to get in on this great Brahmin giveaway....

Lounging in the new hammock, courtesy of our fabulous husband

Fresh, grilled corn of the cob, toasted to perfection with a hint of juicy lime and cilantro

A meal acceptably fashioned out of sliced tomatoes and hint of sea salt

Fresh blooms per usual

Hope you all had great weekend!

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