Thursday, October 18, 2012

count down

It's been a week of counting down, of a little me time and a lot of "something nice." For the past week it was nice to relax at the spa, curl up with a good book and literally do nothing, while reflecting and putting a close on our 20s (although to be fair, we didn't quite accomplish the "nothing" on the list;  there's always something to be doing, something to be done!)

Ushering in a renewed sense of self, we look forward to what tomorrow and the next 30 years will bring. A few snapshots from our last days as a 20-something... ( and the promise of some fabulous fashion to come)

Our first macarons ( yes, delicious and just the right size)

So delicious, we had to post another pic....

Caught up on a little reading

 and decided it was time to start taking a bit better care of our skin (among other things!)

Here's to the end of a wonderful week, and the start of our next fabulous "30s" chapter!

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