Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the little things

As we approach the big 3-0 (later this month...eee!) - we're constantly reminded how much the little things really make us happy. Ever stressing that our home, our closet, our job etc. is never just quite right, we took the time to really take a look around and document a few things we love about our home, and what makes it, well...home. Our camera and photography skills need some work, but hopefully with a little practice and some new equipment, we'll get there. We're ending the evening with a very positive outlook!

Appropriately, we start out with the la machine de caffeine. Not used as often as we'd like, but don't worry, we make sure to get our fix through other means

Books are our best friends... and Vogue. Of course.

An attempt at a little flair for the entry way, with a terrarium done by yours truly

Pull back to reveal a table that's clean ( for this pic only) and some family photos... 

More essential reading material

We love trays, perfume and mirrors. Oh and No 5.

The guest room headboard, we decided they get the prettier of the two

A stack of ideas, words and pretty things

Tray filled with something nice

Another tray of sorts. Bedside elixirs, lotions and potions. 

Last, but certainly not the least, a color coordinated and organized closet 
( although these could use some breathing room and better organization) 

What do you love about your home? 

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