Monday, January 14, 2013

to outlet? or not to outlet?

We're all about great design on a dime - just as long as we all understand what we're really paying for, right?  Welcome to mindful Monday. When we take our clients shopping, or attempt to implore the "quality over quantity" MO (which, let's face it, we could all use a little work on... meaning, moi), we sometimes get sucked into what seems like a really great deal. Sometimes, you score, but sometimes, you'd be better off paying more, for quality, or the real thing.

Consider, "The Factory Store." Below, are two shirts - one from JCREW and one from JCREW Factory. The difference? ( besides the tags, and one being minty, and the other lemony... duh). One's made from Italian sourced silk, and the other... well, still 100% silk, but sourced from China.

The point my lovelies, is that it's priced lower because of the materials and the construction. Let's be mindful when we shop the outlet, yes?

Strategically located 30 miles (or so) outside of major metropolitan areas, The Outlet gives you the feeling of: "Gosh, I just drove all the way here. These deals are so great... and well, I just don't know when I'll be back! It's too good to pass up!" And, as in our JCrew Factory example ( which ps, we actually really love to death), they design and produce clothing specifically for that line.

It's not  - "JCrew discounted." It's a totally separate line ( sometimes borrowing the same design/patterns), but produced for a lower retail price because the materials are different, and construction is done somewhere else. We still love the line - the design is great and the fit seems to compliment us, however, we know what we're paying for... and what we're not. So should you.

We also bring to your attention, the fit. Many outlet store's carry off-sizes or pieces that have small defects, which to the naked eye, can go unnoticed. Always try-on, always. That goes for non-outlet escapades as well.

Our last bit of advice? If you wouldn't pay full price, it's not worth it. Save it for those amazing DVF pants, that fit just perfectly (and make your bum look fab).


  1. I totally agree. And I've heard that a lot of people have been confused by the two separate lines. I didn't even know the differences between them.

    Great, educational post.

  2. Great post! I love outlet shopping, but I always make sure I don't get carried away by "good deals" that aren't really what they appear to be


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