Tuesday, January 1, 2013

what would you attempt...

if you knew you could not fail? A colleague of mine inconspicuously displays this question just her near computer. Every so often, when I pass by or glance over, my eyes rest on it, exactly at the moment, it seems, when it's precisely what I need.

It's on this first day of 2013, where we look at back at our 12 for 2102 and realize, that these 12 still hold true. Only, to which we would add, the mantra above. And, while we didn't necessarily achieve or even endeavor on all taskswe're deeming last year the year of discovery and experimentation. We met a lot of new people, made mistakes ( both big and small) and discovered more about what makes us "go"— that is,  what we love and what we're passionate about, and can't wait to do more of it!  Hope you celebrated the coming of this new year in style (as always) with a little sparkly, bubbly and the like.

We'll leave you with some thoughts from one of our favorite authors (and people it seems), Elizabeth Gilbert.


Every January 1rst — whether you've earned it or not —they give you a brand new year for FREE. Imagine it! A completely fresh year — with no dinks on it, no scuff-marks, no cat hair, no spills, no collisions, no breakdowns, no funny odors, no mistakes, no failures, no parts falling off it, no nothing. Just an amazing new year (with that terrific "new year smell") which you can use it for ANYTHING YOU LIKE! Not only that, you are allowed to throw away your old year completely — which, if you are like me, you have always completely totaled by Dec 31. You just get to push that beat-up and tired old year off a cliff, and drive away in your bright, shiny new one...and it costs you nothing. Nothing at all. They just give it to you, every year that you live.


Amazing and generous, is the prize of a new year.

Here's to a stylish and prosperous year ahead!

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