Monday, February 18, 2013

beach getaway

Hello lovelies. We apologize for the near 2-week hiatus, but we're back with some exciting stuff after living off guacamole, ceviche and michelada's ( our favorite new beverage - recipe forthcoming) for the last seven days. Jetting off to la casa de Lang last week, we thought it'd be the perfect chance to showcase some great summer wear, but alas, all we really wore was our bathing suit!! Nevertheless, if you have the chance to escape these winter blahs, take note.

The essentials:
For dinner: try white linen paired with simple leather sandals, gold touches and turquoise.

This is pretty much what we lived in ( plus one Coco Loco), however

Hope you all had a great week. Can't wait to start sharing some fabulous spring picks.... even though we're in for a big snow storm this week.


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