Sunday, March 10, 2013

rainy day essentials

There’s nothing easy and breezy about wet spring weather; with the past couple of days being a true testament of our ability to withstand the cold, rainy and downright gross outdoors, here in the Midwest. By the time most of us have walked a few blocks, whether running errands or commuting to work, we can often end up feeling and looking like a sad wet dog, which is not something that this fashionista much appreciates. With today ushering in a gloomy drip drip pummel against the window pane, we're hardly up for doing much of anything, anyway. As such, we bring you rainy day essentials

Hot Tea and a Good Read:
We can't blame you for not wanting to brave the elements. Curling up with a good read and hot tea is one of the best ways to spend a rainy Sunday. May we suggest pairing this nice lavender earl grey with all things Parisian Chic? Such a great style guide!

Cozy Wrap:
One of our signature's, a cozy wrap is essential year-round. A great layering piece, this one balances out the cinched waist of the trench, and sort of makes one feel as if they're wearing a blanket - which is a bonus on days where we just want to stay under the covers.

The Trench: 
Most of us have one, know someone who has one, or have owned one at some point in our lifetimes. I am talking ladies about the ever versatile, ever classic, ever staple, trench. And it is no less than a must have for this spring season. Putting Burberry on the map, this one simple add to your wardrobe can take you from wet to wonderful, cold to chic and works with a summer dress or with flats and jeans (some, more daring individuals, even choose to skip the dress completely).

Can’t afford Burberry you fret? Never fear, nearly everyone is carrying them. From Old Navy to Ralph Lauren, there’s one in every color, in nearly every price range. Guaranteed, this one piece will be in your closet FOREVER. It truly is an investment piece; they’re hot every spring, and they keep you dry - so consider your options carefully. Be sure to look for one with a removable liner for maximum versatility. Another word from the wise: check out shops like TJ MAAX, Loehman’s, Burlington Coat Factory or even Steinmart. A lot of big department stores purchased too much inventory at the end of last year, and these second hander’s are chock full of new, luscious, designer and brand name spring coats. On a recent trip to TJ MAAX, we spotted everyone from Via Spiga to London Fog and Anne Klein to Calvin. Go check it out!

The Welly:
Also referred to as “rubbers,” (hee hee) these wellies are being spotted all over town. Migrating over from across the pond, the UK originals are great for keeping feet dry, warm and fashionable to boot! We are more than ecstatic that our favorite brand, Hunter, and the original “wellie,” are quite the fashion statement - you can see ours have made a few trips outside of just your weekday stroll. Making appearances at big name retailers like Nordstrom's (the experts in all things shoes), the former online only dweller is making a big name for itself stateside.  Hunter boots will make you want to go puddle jumping like you did when you were five, and you’ll look fab doing it. Available for $115 at Cornblums’s at Hilldale in a rainbow of colors, you’ll be freed from the wet, slush and slop that epitomizes the weather today - which we're sure to see more of in the coming months. The brand also makes great fleece and wool socks to line your cute but functional boots with.

Now if we could only do something about those crappy umbrellas.... do yours ever stay upright? 

Hope you're dry and snuggly!

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