Friday, September 20, 2013

pushing past convention - Iristocracy

It's alive. A carefully curated brand and eCommerce experience (we helped shape), has finally arrived just in time for fall and all its lavish style glory. With surprise and delight at every turn (or click?) Iristocracy pairs substance with style, uniquely paying homage to the ultimate functional fashion accessory - elevating the status of eyewear above and beyond that of the expected and covetable bauble. Their Virtual Look try-on experience is second to none.

What's more, these "purveyors of uncommon eyewear and accessories," are in tune with just how functional this accessory piece really is. While they may be the experts in all things stylish and fabulous, they don't claim to be experts on your eyes. Let's raise a toast to that, and the fact that they'll give us $50 towards filling our prescription from the optometry professionals. Um, hell - o! Seriously, nice.

Without further ado... on to the goods! A smattering of their gorgeous wears from designers across the globe....

Oh, and for our stylish readers, we'll let you in on the discount good for the next month: 25% off with   code FRF25 at checkout!

Monday, September 9, 2013

flash forward to fall - a wedding

Whew! Summer flew by (although if the weather has anything to say, we're still in the heat of it)! We were lucky enough to ring in fall and all it's gloriousness with a fabulous wedding! Fashion, food, flowers, looove... okay, we had a pumpkin spice latte and plowed through our stack of September glossies too, but we're getting off topic. 

The point, is that the beauty of this simply elegant and purely delicious nuptial, set against a rustic barn and held beneath the shade of one giant oak, was too perfect not to share (and more than pinterest worthy)!

We think you'll agree.

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