Tuesday, October 29, 2013

are you in on the secret?

of Madison's first, one-and-only, fully sustainable boutique? Now you are. Complete with a little bubbly, vino ( and of course fashionable ladies), UpShift arrived in style and to much fanfare over near Le Lingerie and Good Style Shop on East Johnson in Madison last Saturday.

A shopping experience like to no other - you're basically borrowing from your best friend's closet. No really.

Wait. What?

We spell it out for you:

Step 1: Bring in whatever you no longer need/wear/etc. anymore - shoes, accessories, the works

Step 2: Pay $20 to cover all your shopping

Step 3: And fill your empty bags with amazing trends to take home

It's that simple. No consigning or selling. It's like trading up to a whole new wardrobe without spending buco bucks!  Worried you won't find anything? We've never left empty handed, and inventory turns over DAILY.

So what have we scored? Gucci loafers, argyle sweaters, bangles, jcrew jeans, flannels... and so much more.

Go. Take inventory of your closet. Empty, fill, and repeat. Now.

836 East Johnson
Madison, WI

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