Monday, November 4, 2013

red + stripes = all sorts of nice

When did Halloween suddenly become the day before Christmas? Starbucks red cups arrived in full holiday force Nov 1 ( as if signaling holiday + dingle berry merriment must now commence). And, Hallmark is already running their " 'insert romantic wish-come-true' for christmas" specials ( yes, we watched a few). We're a bit dizzy from all this holiday flip flop ( as "fall harvest" goes on clearance and pilgrims + mr. turkey are relegated to the 70% off bins). Wait. We haven't even tasted a piece of pumpkin pie... much less dressing, cranberries... etc. And, yet... somehow we find ourselves inspired by the bright and jolly red crimson hue.

It's no secret that our go-to includes a blazer, stripes and skinnies. All classics, that can be dressed up, down or with a twist. We suggest investing in the same... even if red isn't your thang.

And, heels just makes the world feel better. Wouldn't you agree?  A few snaps of our striped ensemble to inspire your classics ( whether you want to get all holiday-esque just yet is up to you).

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