Thursday, May 8, 2014

mad about drybar

We're a sucker for great marketing. It's like we want to reward the company for being so smart or something. It draws us in, which subsequently leads us to have such high hopes so often crushed once we actually try the product.

This time, however, we're happy to report that this drybar phenom lives up to that promise and more.

Enter our new favorite line of hair products... that so far, really work.

Crafted specifically to make it so you don't have actually have to wash your hair maintain the perfect blowout, we thought we'd give 'em a try. Slinging both "Detox" and "The Chaser" for the past couple of weeks, we can safely say they've earned their spot as/in our new favorite hair watering hole.... wait. Did that even make sense? I don't know. Just trust us. They're awesome.

And, with notes like "how to serve" - these babies do what they say and say what they do.

Bottoms up ladies!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

birks are back

Making their pronounced appearance sometime last summer, we're just now finally giving in ( as we have with overall's) to our once perhaps unhealthy obsession with them in the 90s. No longer cue-ing "crunchy granola," birks are making their way onto the fashion forward stage. Don't worry, "it's a thing" now.

So what do you think? We're on the hunt for some patent white one's ourselves.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

what's up with the eyebrow?

Can we all just admit that eyebrows are sort of weird? Not event sort of weird, ok? They're like, really weird.

They're this little patch of hair over your eye that probably had some neanderthal type function - critically life saving once-upon-a-time, no longer applicable in modern day.

Yet somehow, now, all of sudden, it feels really important to pay attention to them. As in, "wow, you have really good eyebrows."

And, there's tools. Did you know about all the tools? I mean, not just one or two tools. Sections, products, lines, videos, instructions, steps.... why don't we know about this?

What is a really good eyebrow, anyway?

Whatever they are, I'm not sure that we have them. Actually, no. Let's just come right out and say it. We don't. And, in a desperate attempt to figure them out, we purchased said tools.

Not that we knew what do do with them.

Erroneous faith led us into this futile endeavor of spending all kinds of money on tools that would magically come to life in our bathroom in front of the mirror.

Eyebrow tools people. Do you know how to use them? Does anyone? Help.

No. Wait. This isn't for us. Whatever this is.

Sorry, we're not sorry that our eyebrows are, well, just weird. Congrats on your "good" ones.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

spring? trends? dressing for success?

We had so much fun with our attempt to dish on the above last Wednesday on Channel 3, here in good 'ole wisco, and thought we'd share a little bit more about some of the items.

As in, where they're from and how you can snag 'em.

Lets start with the mens pieces, shall we?

Left to right: Black leather DEAN bag, IRISTOCRACY.COM. Beloit Thorogood Work Boots, CONTEXT. Filson leather/canvas satchel, CONTEXT. Horn/Acetate Linda Farrow Frames, Shinola Watch, CONTEXT.

Navy blue Tommy Hilfiger Jacket and white dot shirt, both Boston Store.

Filson cruiser tin cloth jacket, CONTEXT.

Now, on to the ladies!

The Accessories!

Left to Right: Pale blue tote, H&M. Ralph Lauren blush pumps, Boston Store. Floral clutch, Francesca's Collection. Metal cuff, ReThreads Madison West. Matthew Williamson Melon Acetate frames, Serfina Horn Necklace, Lucite beaded bubble necklace, ReThreads Madison West.

White blazer Rag & Bone Blazer, DVF Dress and Karen Walker Handbag, all courtesy of Twigs. 

Last but not least ....

This poppy colored dress is from Terese Zache Designs, and the fabulous, ever versatile, ALC Trench is courtesy of Iona.

Happy spring shopping!!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Mexico sunny & 75

 Wanted to share a little mexican sunshine for those of you who may be still stuck in what feels like "unseasonably" chilly temps in the Midwest.

C'mon spring! You can do it! We are ready, open - toed shoes and all!

You won't find us complaining, however,  if we skip straight into summer....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Our new favorite shopping app

For most people, shopping is planned activity. As in, "I'm going shopping.." And yet, that's not quite how it is for us.

It's not something we 'go' do - it just is. We're actually shopping all. the. time.

Yeah, sort of weird, right?

Every time we step out into the world, and something catches our eye, our curiosity is piqued. The gears start turning, and we're just dying to know where to snag something similar. Sometimes we inquire, but often times, we stay away from seemingly overly creepy and secretly vow to add it to our mental 'list.'

Well, mental list no more.... at least sort of.

Enter ASAP54, a new app that will match photo's to real items of clothing and accessories and shoes and.... other goodies. We love this idea that everything you see you should be able to find. Why didn't we think of it...

Simply take a picture of the item(s) that you found, and the app scans an extensive database, comparing fabrics and designs, and ultimately matching the photo submitted with similar items and links to where you can buy them. And, if you don't like the results, or it's not found within the database, the app will connect you with a live stylist that will continue the search and email you results.

Hello awesomeness.

You can even select a price range - and follow fellow fashion aficionados. Kate Middleton, anyone?

The database hosts over 700,000 pieces but is expected to reach about 3 million by September. ASAP 54 is free to download in the Apple Store here.

So good. Although it doesn't quite help with the creep factor. We'll still need to figure out how to snag that picture ( even more creepy)... but that's what Pinterest is for, right? We think this will be the perfect, but dangerous marriage.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

spring 2014 prom trends

We're so excited to be a part of All Dressed Up  -  a fabulous event put on by Madison's Junior League. The goal of the event is to help girls get glam on a budget who may not otherwise be able to go, since we all know how much dresses ( and all that goes along with them) costs these days.

We'll be dishing on trends and helping these fabulous young women put together some amazing prom night looks this Saturday.

Taking cue from the red carpet events of late, here's a little overview of what we'll be chatting about!

Can't wait!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sun Soaked Getaway

We're the last person that should tell you how to pack for vacation.

We can advise you on what would be stylish in a specific locale, what to wear for dinner, what to bring for the beach, etc. But, when it comes to fitting it all into some svelt looking piece of roller luggage, we're at a loss.

Somehow we always over pack. Especially for those trips where all we ever wear is our bathing suit, mostly because we HATE being hot. The night before we've assumed the position. Agonizing over what we can take out, while huffing and puffing, straddling aforementioned roller luggage... just ... zip...ugh!

We did a bit better this time as we headed off to sunny Mexico, but our luggage is still bursting at the seams.

So what essentials did we take? The hat (Target), dress ( Rory Becca from BOP - shopbop's brick and mortar store) and sandals ( Madewell). Plus a few more dresses and the bathing suit (duh).

And, since our tresses and skin suffer from being a wee bit too dry, a few goodies to help keep hydrated and fight the frizzies.

While we may have struggled,  having a few choices for dinner never hurt a gal. And,  if we only ever really wear our bathing suit that's ok... because with this view, well.... that's all it really requires.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Big Coats

Big coats are happening people.  And by coats, we mean everything from the traditional ( as in,what one would picture as outwear) to sweater-like-robe concoctions. We don't mean the functionally warm, but outwardly implying "caterpillar puffer," of which we've been donning all too often here in the Midwest.

We mean REAL, fabulous coats.

But, I digress.

Spotted everywhere during the last few days of NYFW14;  from "street style" ( those girls who look effortlessly cool with big coats draped around their shoulders, as if they are actually walking somewhere and not posing for the cameras. If we could be as cool as them, we would) to the runways, to AYR's line, it's like they are everywhere.

Robe coats, blanket coats, whatever...  we want one.

Street Style: 

On the Runway:

Creatures of the Wind, Houghton, Altuzarra, Richard Chai ,Love and Harbison

The Row

Christopher Raeburn, Eudon Choi, Tommy Hilfiger


Coats people. Coats. 

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