Tuesday, January 28, 2014

seeing is believing

What's that you say?

Yes, seeing what we actually have to wear is part of our daily, "I have NUH-THING. I'm telling you, NUH.THING. to wear" battle. We women actually only wear up to a 1/3 of what's in our closets ( you men, well, that's another story). Seriously, over half of the things we own never grace the light of day. Due in part, to the fact that we can't see all the fabulosity we own ( among other things).

This is just sad.

And so, we attempt to discuss creative storage to arm us against the evil "Nuh. Thing."

Displaying necklaces ( and other baubles) on a clean, but stylish hanging boardy-thingy is a great way to spice up your closet and get you excited about all the accessorizing posibilites! This one is from Stella and Dot, but you better believe that Pinterest has some great DIYs.

See also, using branch looking apparatus' for belt storage and velcro to hang.

Other great storage ideas include lucite or clear trays ( see office supply stores for great ideas and finds) housed in wardrobe/dresser drawers or on shelving.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

your mental wish list

One of the secrets we impart to our clients is to keep a mental "wish list"-  those things you're pining after, that you just can't wait to  snag and add to your closet or home. Then, when you're out and about and spot a great deal, you can determine whether or not it's worth it to spend, or save for those items on "the list."

So, what's on ours? A little peak into a few items that we have our eye on.

Stay smart & savvy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

classic black boots

Our mission this past fall, after a MAH JOR closet overhaul, was to find the most classic and versatile black boots possible  - an investment piece to transcend trend and see us through years to come.

Yes, those boots. The boots.

Those that could be dressed up, dressed down, and pass a corporate office dress-code while not being too stuffy.

Just when we thought they didn't exist, we somehow stumbled upon our ultimate workhorse.  We love our Frye's. And there's not much a little ankle black boot doesn't go with ( certainly more than what we've picked out below).

Our advice? Don't give up until you've found yours.

Monday, January 13, 2014


Maybe it's the new year, maybe it's just because we have a ton of crap that we don't need. When you think about it, the more things are simplified, the better they become ( especially, we believe, when it comes to our closets). The more stuff we cram in to our day, the more things we buy, the less we are truly enjoying anything.

So here's to enjoying.

Friday, January 10, 2014

fabulous (faux) fur

We once owned a rabbit fur vest erroneously assumed to be faux. Talk about suuhh-wett-ting-to-death. While said vest is no more, we have rekindled our  love affair with fur (of the faux variety) and are loving big oversized coats. There's just something glamourous about them, wouldn't you say?

Snagging one recently at a local consignment shop (always sure to surprise and delight) we can't wait to don it out and about. We suggest pairing with a simple t, well worn denim and a pair of well-loved leather boots (or perfectly pointy heels).

Here's to feeling fabulous in fur!

Monday, January 6, 2014

winter skin essentials

A key piece in our winter wardrobe is actually not a piece of clothing, but rather a beauty ( ok several) products.

The kind of  the hydration variety and our secret to staying glamourous through these tundra - esque days here in good 'ole wisco. Your skin.  You wear it everyday, why not be good to it, yeah?  We once erroneously subscribed to the fact that our breakouts were due to too much oil... when it fact the good 'ole dermatologist suggested it was because we were doing a great job of drying it raw,  and in effect clogging our pores.  Oops.

In current rotation:

First up, L'OCCITANE's Immortelle Brightening Cream. This deliciously smelling luxurious cream ( that we snagged at TJ MAXX no less) instantly puts a little pep in our step as part of our daily moisturizing routine. Sometimes it's almost insane to drop these bucco bucks on such a little jar, right? We use sparingly!

Next, Caudalie Divine Oil is just that. Divine. Hello, does everything french smell delicious? This is great for any time of year and can be used on hands, feet and even hair. We like to put it on both our hands and feet before bed... and then sometimes on the tresses before torching it with the blow comb. Especially, when it's this bone dusty, life sucking dry out.

Ah Clinique. A good pure stand by. We absolutely adore the rich moisture this gel ( the little sister to the classic moisturizer) employs. A little drink for the skin.

Stay hydrated ( and warm)!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

office supplies

While working in an office has never quite lived up to the glamourous stature it once assumed as a wee 5-year-old, we've been obsessed with offices supplies since and nevertheless.  And, while post-its, sharpies, legal pads and paper clips all hold a special place in our hearts, it's the interesting and stylish twist that get's us all a flutter.

That said, you'd envision we conduct ourselves in quite the chic work station, would you not?   Let's just say that has slipped as of late, and we're regaining control over the madness.  We think your space should be as inspiring as your work ( if not more so). Thanks to a quick stop at Target's dollar bin and a bit of perusing on Amazon - we're back in business.

Check out these chic pencils and pens we scored at the Tar-Jay Boutique the other day (the acrylic file organizer is courtesy of Amazon).

We're stepping up our game.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

sweet 2014 printable calendar

To get your bright and shiny new year started off right, we're sharing a sweet little free printable calendar spotted on Oh The Lovely Things.  Lovely indeed. Get yours here.

Happy 2014!

Jan 2014 Printable Calendar from Oh The Lovely Things

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