Sunday, January 5, 2014

office supplies

While working in an office has never quite lived up to the glamourous stature it once assumed as a wee 5-year-old, we've been obsessed with offices supplies since and nevertheless.  And, while post-its, sharpies, legal pads and paper clips all hold a special place in our hearts, it's the interesting and stylish twist that get's us all a flutter.

That said, you'd envision we conduct ourselves in quite the chic work station, would you not?   Let's just say that has slipped as of late, and we're regaining control over the madness.  We think your space should be as inspiring as your work ( if not more so). Thanks to a quick stop at Target's dollar bin and a bit of perusing on Amazon - we're back in business.

Check out these chic pencils and pens we scored at the Tar-Jay Boutique the other day (the acrylic file organizer is courtesy of Amazon).

We're stepping up our game.

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