Monday, January 6, 2014

winter skin essentials

A key piece in our winter wardrobe is actually not a piece of clothing, but rather a beauty ( ok several) products.

The kind of  the hydration variety and our secret to staying glamourous through these tundra - esque days here in good 'ole wisco. Your skin.  You wear it everyday, why not be good to it, yeah?  We once erroneously subscribed to the fact that our breakouts were due to too much oil... when it fact the good 'ole dermatologist suggested it was because we were doing a great job of drying it raw,  and in effect clogging our pores.  Oops.

In current rotation:

First up, L'OCCITANE's Immortelle Brightening Cream. This deliciously smelling luxurious cream ( that we snagged at TJ MAXX no less) instantly puts a little pep in our step as part of our daily moisturizing routine. Sometimes it's almost insane to drop these bucco bucks on such a little jar, right? We use sparingly!

Next, Caudalie Divine Oil is just that. Divine. Hello, does everything french smell delicious? This is great for any time of year and can be used on hands, feet and even hair. We like to put it on both our hands and feet before bed... and then sometimes on the tresses before torching it with the blow comb. Especially, when it's this bone dusty, life sucking dry out.

Ah Clinique. A good pure stand by. We absolutely adore the rich moisture this gel ( the little sister to the classic moisturizer) employs. A little drink for the skin.

Stay hydrated ( and warm)!

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  1. This is the second time today I've seen body oil recommended! I should get on this....


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