Monday, February 17, 2014

Sun Soaked Getaway

We're the last person that should tell you how to pack for vacation.

We can advise you on what would be stylish in a specific locale, what to wear for dinner, what to bring for the beach, etc. But, when it comes to fitting it all into some svelt looking piece of roller luggage, we're at a loss.

Somehow we always over pack. Especially for those trips where all we ever wear is our bathing suit, mostly because we HATE being hot. The night before we've assumed the position. Agonizing over what we can take out, while huffing and puffing, straddling aforementioned roller luggage... just ... zip...ugh!

We did a bit better this time as we headed off to sunny Mexico, but our luggage is still bursting at the seams.

So what essentials did we take? The hat (Target), dress ( Rory Becca from BOP - shopbop's brick and mortar store) and sandals ( Madewell). Plus a few more dresses and the bathing suit (duh).

And, since our tresses and skin suffer from being a wee bit too dry, a few goodies to help keep hydrated and fight the frizzies.

While we may have struggled,  having a few choices for dinner never hurt a gal. And,  if we only ever really wear our bathing suit that's ok... because with this view, well.... that's all it really requires.

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  1. Hi Mary!

    Sweet post!
    I like the sandals and combination with the dress! It's so stylish and cute!!

    Can't wait to see more of your post!
    Hopefully we can be friends!
    Check out my blog too =)!


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