Monday, March 10, 2014

Our new favorite shopping app

For most people, shopping is planned activity. As in, "I'm going shopping.." And yet, that's not quite how it is for us.

It's not something we 'go' do - it just is. We're actually shopping all. the. time.

Yeah, sort of weird, right?

Every time we step out into the world, and something catches our eye, our curiosity is piqued. The gears start turning, and we're just dying to know where to snag something similar. Sometimes we inquire, but often times, we stay away from seemingly overly creepy and secretly vow to add it to our mental 'list.'

Well, mental list no more.... at least sort of.

Enter ASAP54, a new app that will match photo's to real items of clothing and accessories and shoes and.... other goodies. We love this idea that everything you see you should be able to find. Why didn't we think of it...

Simply take a picture of the item(s) that you found, and the app scans an extensive database, comparing fabrics and designs, and ultimately matching the photo submitted with similar items and links to where you can buy them. And, if you don't like the results, or it's not found within the database, the app will connect you with a live stylist that will continue the search and email you results.

Hello awesomeness.

You can even select a price range - and follow fellow fashion aficionados. Kate Middleton, anyone?

The database hosts over 700,000 pieces but is expected to reach about 3 million by September. ASAP 54 is free to download in the Apple Store here.

So good. Although it doesn't quite help with the creep factor. We'll still need to figure out how to snag that picture ( even more creepy)... but that's what Pinterest is for, right? We think this will be the perfect, but dangerous marriage.


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