Saturday, April 19, 2014

birks are back

Making their pronounced appearance sometime last summer, we're just now finally giving in ( as we have with overall's) to our once perhaps unhealthy obsession with them in the 90s. No longer cue-ing "crunchy granola," birks are making their way onto the fashion forward stage. Don't worry, "it's a thing" now.

So what do you think? We're on the hunt for some patent white one's ourselves.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

what's up with the eyebrow?

Can we all just admit that eyebrows are sort of weird? Not event sort of weird, ok? They're like, really weird.

They're this little patch of hair over your eye that probably had some neanderthal type function - critically life saving once-upon-a-time, no longer applicable in modern day.

Yet somehow, now, all of sudden, it feels really important to pay attention to them. As in, "wow, you have really good eyebrows."

And, there's tools. Did you know about all the tools? I mean, not just one or two tools. Sections, products, lines, videos, instructions, steps.... why don't we know about this?

What is a really good eyebrow, anyway?

Whatever they are, I'm not sure that we have them. Actually, no. Let's just come right out and say it. We don't. And, in a desperate attempt to figure them out, we purchased said tools.

Not that we knew what do do with them.

Erroneous faith led us into this futile endeavor of spending all kinds of money on tools that would magically come to life in our bathroom in front of the mirror.

Eyebrow tools people. Do you know how to use them? Does anyone? Help.

No. Wait. This isn't for us. Whatever this is.

Sorry, we're not sorry that our eyebrows are, well, just weird. Congrats on your "good" ones.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

spring? trends? dressing for success?

We had so much fun with our attempt to dish on the above last Wednesday on Channel 3, here in good 'ole wisco, and thought we'd share a little bit more about some of the items.

As in, where they're from and how you can snag 'em.

Lets start with the mens pieces, shall we?

Left to right: Black leather DEAN bag, IRISTOCRACY.COM. Beloit Thorogood Work Boots, CONTEXT. Filson leather/canvas satchel, CONTEXT. Horn/Acetate Linda Farrow Frames, Shinola Watch, CONTEXT.

Navy blue Tommy Hilfiger Jacket and white dot shirt, both Boston Store.

Filson cruiser tin cloth jacket, CONTEXT.

Now, on to the ladies!

The Accessories!

Left to Right: Pale blue tote, H&M. Ralph Lauren blush pumps, Boston Store. Floral clutch, Francesca's Collection. Metal cuff, ReThreads Madison West. Matthew Williamson Melon Acetate frames, Serfina Horn Necklace, Lucite beaded bubble necklace, ReThreads Madison West.

White blazer Rag & Bone Blazer, DVF Dress and Karen Walker Handbag, all courtesy of Twigs. 

Last but not least ....

This poppy colored dress is from Terese Zache Designs, and the fabulous, ever versatile, ALC Trench is courtesy of Iona.

Happy spring shopping!!!

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