Color Crash

With an appreciation for all things color ( especially Mr. Sketch smelly markers), we share with you a short color crash course on how to make things "go." As in, together. We know you were wondering... yeah?

Ok. It all begins with the color wheel. Ahh the magical and mysterious color wheel. Ok. Maybe it's not that mysterious, but we assure you, magical it is. Not only can it be used for wardrobe wanderings, but we suggest pulling it out for paint colors, furniture and decorating galore. 

Let's get down to business. 

First the Primary colors, of which all color is derived. No real surprise here. Red, blue and yellow (plus their respective tones and tints) all play nicely with each other. 

Next we appropriately present, the Secondary colors. Derived respectively from their Primary counterparts above, orange, green and purple are received quite harmoniously with the eye.

Or, try pairing Complimentary shades ( those across from each other on the color wheel) for a sweet look. Blue/Orange, Purple/Yellow and Red/Green all fall here. Can someone send those blue shoes our way? kthxbai.

Analogous are those next to each other and can prove rather stunning if we do say so ourselves.

Basically, anything "go's"

More of a Netural gal? Building these into your wardrobe add a level of sophistication and options!

Last, but not least the Monochromatic for those that are daring and dashing! This can be a very challenging look to pull off, but when done right the effect is amaze-ing-ness. 

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