Edit, edit edit!
A "nice" closet is constantly edited season after season. Overhaul yours with a style consultation & 2-4 hour closet-styling session. 
  1. Discuss existing wardrobe from a fit, style, and color perspective. What's missing? What needs to be tossed! What do you wish it was?
  2. Assist in categorizing clothing into 4 groups: Items that should remain in wardrobe, donation items, and items to be thrown away (plus, what we'd suggest adding)!
  3. Create new outfits from existing pieces with photo guide of newly-created outfits for future reference
  4. Help with organization and storage. We'll teach you tricks to merchandise and help you shop your closet!
How do I look?
Searching for the perfect over-the-shoulder bag? Need help finding a dress to your friends wedding? Let us offer honest and unbiased advice in the dressing room, at the rack, AND in front of the mirror.
  1. We love shopping with others. 3-hour, 1-on-1 shopping session (shorter or longer as needed) 
  2. Discuss wardrobe needs from a fit, style, and color perspective
  3. Create “Pre-shopping plan” including targeted wardrobe items and stores for your budget, body type, and personal style
  4. Accompany to stores and advise throughout shopping process 
  5. Or send us out to find "the perfect" what-have you!
What to Wear, Where?!
Wondering what to wear to an outside wedding, what to pack for a ski-vacation? Have a big event coming up, and you're not sure where to start?
  1. Discuss the event, who's throwing it, what the invite may indicate about the type of apparel
  2. Put together three different looks from which to choose from
  3. Decide if personal shopping trip makes sense
Style Inspiration Board
How to wear the color green? The perfect way to go from day - to - night? What to do with leopard print? And you want it delivered right to your inbox? Let us inspire you with a personalized style board.
  1. We'll listen to what you need and discuss the objective for the board
  2. Creation of unique set created specifically for customer, based on style board objective, seasonal preference, clothing style preference, and budget. 
Accessories make (or break) an outfit. Let's chat about some staples and key pieces to add to your collection (ps- they're a budget friendly way to create a whole new wardrobe).
  1. Inventory of current accessories and how you're wearing them (or why you're not)
  2. Suggestion of key pieces to add based on current inventory and where you're hoping to take your wardrobe overall
Closet Party
One of our favorites! Let us host your next closet swap! Like shopping your best friends closet -the perfect way to get a whole new look, while at the same time, get rid of what you don't wear anymore ( or never did)!
  1. Discuss style of party: tag sale vs straight swap
  2. We'll act as the independent third party to help plan, organize, price and merchandise
  3. You get rid of what you're no longer wearing, and pick up something new (to you!) along the way
Trend Forecasting
Want in on the hottest colors for spring? The next big thing in footwear? The one new beauty product to add to your regime?
  1. Let us advise and help you to stay on-trend ( in a way that won't break the bank)!
  2. Creation of trend report based on inquiry including images, how to style and incorporate appropriately

A la Carte – Inquire for additional information and pricing. 

We tailor our services to meet your needs! 
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